Renegade [RALI bk 1]

Renegade [RALI bk 1]

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Taki Zyngtara By TakiZyn Completed

"One to defeat ten thousand..."

For Xlack Ekymé, life in the Napix Empire as a hybrid of two alien worlds means watching over an entire city. While this provides no shortage of work, he's restless. Most of his ancestors are famous historical figures, and society expects no less from him.

"Two to best a million..."

When the emperor and his heirs mysteriously die, change besets the empire. Sent to a region of space they haven't visited in centuries, Xlack flies straight into a web of alliances and feuds. He doesn't know whose side he should be on, especially once he meets Navaria Twi.

"Three to destroy a kingdom..."

As order falls apart, a thief tries to survive in the city Xlack left behind. A new emperor rises while far away, Xlack's simple mission to rescue a lost ship and take a native hostage gets complicated. Twi shares part of his heritage and the uncanny talents that come with it. That makes her dangerous. And intriguing.

"Four to conquer a world..."

Xlack knows what he wants, what is right, and what he has to do, but those things quickly blur until he is no longer sure. With lives of friends on the line, he and all those left floundering in the wake of change don't have much time left to figure it out.

Novel 1 of 4 in the RALI series
Rose Gold Awards runner up for best fight scene May 2017
The Perfect Prose Awards 3rd place in sci-fi December 2017