Renegade [RALI bk 1]

Renegade [RALI bk 1]

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Taki Zyngtara By z_Taki Completed

One to defeat ten thousand.  Two to best a million.

Such is the reputation of the Aylata, hybrids of the Napix people and an extinct race known as Magni.  They can do things the common people can't: light aflame, steal energy from the air, insert thoughts into another's mind, etc.  They are meant to protect the worlds of the Napix Empire.

Xlack Skyme strives to live up to all an Aylata should be.  He is expected to become a legend like so many of his ancestors, but his Talents are cumbersome, his teachers meticulous, and the city he is supposed to watch over doesn't seem to want him.  Then the emperor mysteriously dies, and their new ruler, Revel K'alaqk, has a questionable claim to the throne. Revel believes this stagnant empire must change.  He has a plan to convince the traditionalists that he deserves his emperor title, and this includes sending Xlack to a region called Alliance Space.

Here, Xlack meets Navaria Twi, one of a hidden group that keeps order in Alliance Space.  They, too, are Talented Magni hybrids, but their rules and ideals are very different from those of their distant Aylata cousins.  Mourning the recent loss of a teammate, Twi takes Xlack in, not knowing that his mission includes abducting one of her kind.

One wrong step will lead to war, but schemes have already been set in motion.  Stopping is not an option.  Something will be lost.


Novel 1 of 4 in the RALI series
Rose Gold Awards runner up for best fight scene May 2017
The Perfect Prose Awards 3rd place in sci-fi December 2017

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