Overused Lines On Wattpad

Overused Lines On Wattpad

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This book is soley for entertainment purposes. In no way possible am I trying to be indirect to specific accounts, or be rude anyway. All of the things listed in this book, are from what I have seen all over Wattpad, during the four years I have been on here.

Warning: There are some parts which talk about sex, includes swearing and triggering content. Please be careful when reading this, I will be going back and including warning at the front of each part to let you know which parts have what.

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ElenaFraus ElenaFraus Sep 28, 2016
@entrenched what so you tell me off and comfort her? I didn't even do anything bad she just took it to heart
ZinaRefaat ZinaRefaat Jan 13
'Triggering content.'
                              *takes out Diary like Ezio*
                              Dear Diary, 
                              Today, I have been triggered.
Demigod_Shadowhunter Demigod_Shadowhunter Oct 01, 2016
"it felt like a lifetime but was probably only mere moments"
pinkk_mystery pinkk_mystery 3 days ago
There is an option to unpublish the book if you don't want anyone to read it
RissaTheQueen RissaTheQueen a day ago
Lmao my story starts with "[name/age/nationality of main character] and I'm pretty cliche."
xxXLeviHeichouXxx xxXLeviHeichouXxx 6 days ago
I was guilty of this with my Usuk fic, but I wanted to keep it because I hade 2 or 3 people who liked it and I didn't want to disappoint them