Overused Lines On Wattpad

Overused Lines On Wattpad

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This book is soley for entertainment purposes. In no way possible am I trying to be indirect to specific accounts, or be rude anyway. All of the things listed in this book, are from what I have seen all over Wattpad, during the four years I have been on here.

Warning: There are some parts which talk about sex, includes swearing and triggering content. Please be careful when reading this, I will be going back and including warning at the front of each part to let you know which parts have what.

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Well some people think better in said 'uncomfortable' situations when people don't make jokes about them. @ElenaFraus
ElenaFraus ElenaFraus Sep 28
@live_love_hope_life2 um, first off, I didn't write the walk into the car... triggered bs so attack someone else for it and second, sorry for just trying to make a joke of an uncomfortable situation- its what I do so just calm tf down
Xenniebunny Xenniebunny Nov 24
The authors who say their stories aren't cliche are the same authors who read cringey fan fiction and like it
ElenaFraus ElenaFraus Sep 28
@entrenched what so you tell me off and comfort her? I didn't even do anything bad she just took it to heart
People who do that needs to kyt like people just accept the fact your book sucks.
I'd probably write this on my old books but I wrote better when I was like thirteen so lmao.