~Daddy~ (CHANBAEK)

~Daddy~ (CHANBAEK)

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Alexa Smith By Princess_Yeoldetort Completed


Byun Baekhyun is the new kid at ULA and he is very I guess you can say dorky. When he meets a kid named Park Chanyeol it's love at first sight and he tries to get with him. Baekhyun is a very 'weird' person. Especially his kinks. A normal person would think he is weird and creepy to have a Daddy Kink. But he isn't weird especially not in Chanyeol's eyes.

Cover by: @martinsvogue

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Chanbaek_GotBTS7 Chanbaek_GotBTS7 Dec 03, 2017
“I live alone so you don’t have to worry about noise or anything like that” He he NOICE!!!
Chanbaek_GotBTS7 Chanbaek_GotBTS7 Dec 03, 2017
I’m gay. *ask random person* “are your gay too?” *random person looks at me like I’m a phsyco*
Chanbaek_GotBTS7 Chanbaek_GotBTS7 Dec 03, 2017
*grabs guns, knife, nuke, tank, army(😏) grenades, etc.* I WILL KILL YOU, YOU UNGREATFUL, FITHY, DISGUSTING MAN!!! YOU DON’T KNOW ME YET, BUT YOU WILL LATER!!
yehetheohorat yehetheohorat Nov 05, 2017
this is the first time they've met, but since it's chanbaek, it's gucci
                              But sh!t this ain't happening to me 
ZetaGreene ZetaGreene Dec 09, 2017
I don’t even like ice cream but come on you gotta throw it away respectfully.