~Daddy~ (CHANBAEK)

~Daddy~ (CHANBAEK)

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💟Alexa💟 By Princess_Yeoldetort Completed


Byun Baekhyun is the new kid at ULA and he is very I guess you can say dorky. When he meets a kid named Park Chanyeol it's love at first sight and he tries to get with him. Baekhyun is a very 'weird' person. Especially his kinks. A normal person would think he is weird and creepy to have a Daddy Kink. But he isn't weird especially not in Chanyeol's eyes.

Cover by: @devilsvogue

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SnAkEuPuTa SnAkEuPuTa Apr 10
I walked gay to my math class and met up with Sehun,Kai, and D.O.
Mikka_yehet Mikka_yehet May 16
I was reading yoora de whole fkng fic and i was shocked at this for a sec-
There should be equals.what I mean is 2x-9+x=(any Number). So we can transpose and get the answer. Whatever. Chanyeol will always be the answer😂
Myraa93 Myraa93 Mar 23
I'm girl but I really hate every girl in ff or bl I don't know why
well damn it is legit the third or second chapter, they have only known each other for less than a day other than baekhyun's wet dream and they confess but it is chanbaek so who cares