Social Butterfly +

Social Butterfly +

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nochu👑 By bxmi_trash Completed

Yoo Hera is living her life as the social butterfly, well-known and loved. Her accomplishment of being the student council president due to her friendliness and open minded attitude makes her social status soar in this small town. Hera's curiousity is tested when the new guy appeared. 

His name is Kim Taehyung. A lone wolf who came to her sight out of nowhere: brooding, intimidating, and feared. His status as social outcast sparks that instant unfamiliar feelings inside Hera as people talk bad things about him. 

Even after all the warnings, her heart still decided to step into the lion's den. Breaking Kim Taehyung's  wall down, would it be possible? 

 [completed : 28 june 2017]

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TaeTaexPancakes TaeTaexPancakes Mar 11, 2017
I am lowkey reading this all over again cause like i cant wait for a next update
Sweet_Like_Hyunnie Sweet_Like_Hyunnie May 14, 2017
Hot and popular won't get you them grades and that education, now will it?
Won_Hoe Won_Hoe Aug 06, 2016
whyyyyy whyy did u put that lil shiteu in this heat...*dies* (update a hypocrite 😂)
taffkookiemonster taffkookiemonster Nov 14, 2016
Does that include coconut heads? (Sorry I had to I'll go die now bye)
Cynosurekpop Cynosurekpop Aug 25, 2016
This story is so interesting lol when I read the prologue thing on the cover I was like "must read" and already I am hooked