Mahoutokoro School Of Magic RP (Dead RP)

Mahoutokoro School Of Magic RP (Dead RP)

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Nanami Chiaki By Ult1mate_Gamer Updated Jan 09, 2017

Here in Ichinoseki there resides a school, hidden away by Magic called:
'Mahoutokoro School Of Magic'
Here at Mahoutokoro, we strive to teach witches and wizards from all over the world the ways of Japenese Magic!

Come through our doors and discover what it means to be a student at Mahoutokoro, or be relinquished by time itself and dissapear, if you can not handle our wild ways...


(It's a dead RP, wouldn't recommend joining)

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-Blue_Roses- -Blue_Roses- Aug 23, 2016
Name/ Amber Zu
                              Age/ 15
                              Gender/ Female
                              Sexuality/ Strait 
                              Appearance: light brown hair with blond tips. She likes to wear all black. and has Blue eyes. 
                              Item used for spells: Mostly hands but uses Staff too. 
                              Magick: can use the four elements, shapeshifter And potions
Dany_F_Rodriguez Dany_F_Rodriguez Sep 01, 2016
Name: Addison Ramock
                              Age: 17
                              Gender: Female 
                              Sexulity: Straight 
                              Apperence: profile pic
                              Item for spells: Hands
                              Magick: Fire
Dany_F_Rodriguez Dany_F_Rodriguez Sep 02, 2016
Personality: Shy, quiet, ride remarks, calm, not a hyper type
Endershine92 Endershine92 Aug 26, 2016
                              18 but looks 8
                              Profile picture 
                              Controls fire and ice
                              An grown light pink and white lion 
                              Really shy stutters sometimes and nice and calm
                              Other -no milk or sweets and doesn't have a family