Loves Flawless Colors (Nathanaël x Reader)

Loves Flawless Colors (Nathanaël x Reader)

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(Y/n) is a beautiful girl who has a passion for art. Unfortunately, this sweet girl is always bullied later on causing her depression. When (Y/n) was nine she made her first friend, Marinette. After getting to know each other, a year has passed and now the two are sitting on a park bench alone when Marinette asks (Y/n) a question.

"...What's depression like?", Marinette says and (Y/n) replies saying,
"It's like seeing in black and white, the feeling is numb and you can't escape to the beautiful colors you used to see...well from what I experienced."
She scratches the back of her ear
That day, Marinette vowed that before she dies, she would have (Y/n) see the colors again!

Five years later (Y/n) is starting high school and attending the same school as her best friend, Mari of course!
She walks to her 'inspiration spot'(and her favorite place to draw), under a cherry blossom tree, in a park, that provides perfect shade. 
That's when her life changed...

(Y/n) saw a tomato hair colored boy, sitting in her favorite spot to draw, sketching something in his own book.
That's when (Y/n) saw all the flawless colors a feeling had provided for her, but what surprised her the most was this one question lingering in her mind...
"How can I feel after feeling numb?"

YAAAAYY my first ___x reader
>v< hope you enjoy!!

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