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Where To, M'dear? {Solangelo}

Where To, M'dear? {Solangelo}

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aceolated By unclegem Updated 18 hours ago

Nico has so many problems in his head it's a miracle he can function, and Will is trying desperately to help him. 


The thing about laughing at the emotionally unstable son of Hades who can travel anywhere in the world whenever he wants to, is that it's not a good idea. Now, someone has to deal with the aftermath. And maybe, just maybe, Will doesn't want the job anymore.

{Why better than it sounds. Very angsty.}

{How long guys? How long has it said "why" instead of "way"? Was no one going to correct me? Were you going to let me stew in my own ignorant failure? Is that it? Do you like to watch the innocent suffer?}

{I actually do own Percy Jackson and all of its characters. In fact, Rick Riordan is tied up in my basement right now.}

The description alone almost killed me SO THAT MEANS THE STORY MUST BE EVEN BETTER 😂😂😂
Well technically he pulls it across the sky with his sun chariot
I would actually pay to see this 
                              Mainly for Nico's reaction
This is something I would say.
                              Just pop out the ground and say exactly that.
Nico: But you really need to listen to me
                              Because I'm telling you the truth
                              I mean this, I'm okay!
                              (Trust Me)
                              Will: You realize the next lyrics are I'm not okay, right?
Mc-SolAngelo Mc-SolAngelo Nov 24, 2016
That awkward moment when you caught that before everyone else....