Where To, M'dear? {Solangelo}

Where To, M'dear? {Solangelo}

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Nico has so many problems in his head it's a miracle he can function, and Will is trying desperately to help him. 


The thing about laughing at the emotionally unstable son of Hades who can travel anywhere in the world whenever he wants to, is that it's not a good idea. Now, someone has to deal with the aftermath. And maybe, just maybe, Will doesn't want the job anymore.

{Why better than it sounds. Very angsty.}

{I actually do own Percy Jackson and all of its characters. In fact, Rick Riordan is tied up in my basement right now.}

Storm1001 Storm1001 Jul 31
Will freckles are amazing I'm covered In them no really help their all over my body and taking over my mind
Oh gods! This is something my friend would point out! 😂😂
Ugh these are both brilliant! I do prefer the writing style of this one, and the general tone of the story (if that makes any sense?) I prefer this out of the two, although the other one is great as well.
This one has to be my favorite out of the two tho the other is also really good
I love this, too!
                              If you can't do both choose the shorter story first than write the second. I'll wait for both definitely.
That awkward moment when you caught that before everyone else....