50 Unsent Letters |✔️|

50 Unsent Letters |✔️|

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'I would send them, but most likely you would ignore them.'

Kennedy is in love. And by in love, I mean 'in love'. With a special guy, named Jake. He doesn't know who she is, and he's never heard of Kennedy before. So she writes 50 letters, telling him how she feels. And when a huge event occurs, the letters get sent.

*book told in letter form*

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HasBeenDreaming HasBeenDreaming Jul 12, 2017
I think this is not love. It seems like a pretty shallow crush. I mean if he doesn't notice her how can she know anything about him? Just my opinion.
Hufflebitch Hufflebitch Apr 24, 2018
My crush is a close friend of mine and it sucks. Since she's not gay but I am and I know I can't have her but I just can't get over it.
Ellie_Stonebranch Ellie_Stonebranch Feb 20, 2018
Thanks for the warning! Luckily, I always have a box of tissues by my bed. 😢
greyyysweaterr greyyysweaterr Aug 15, 2017
I wanna say this is me but it's not. I'm kinda popular in my school and my crush for a few years was like a really close friend of mine.
LauraJB2936 LauraJB2936 Sep 10, 2018
This book is a lot like the movie To All The Boys I Loved Before
Ghostedolan Ghostedolan Oct 28, 2018
Dude same like ive had the same crush on this guy since like secondgrade we went from friends to bestfriends ( basically i as an idiiot friendzoned him) to friends again kms