The Kingdom of The Fluffies: Homebound

The Kingdom of The Fluffies: Homebound

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❄️Whitey❄️ By WhiteTheDragoness Updated Dec 04, 2016

All White had ever known was her life with her Fathers and now a family of her own with a mate and two children. She never wondered where exactly she had come from, and always let the thought slip out of her mind. Suddenly, a stranger shows up at her doorstep out of nowhere, claiming to know who she is and where she's come from. And suddenly, there she is, with her family, following this stranger into the unknown. 
Her home is even more amazing then she ever could have dreamed; her species, her biological family. They're all no longer just thoughts in her head. Everything is as it should be, until a greedy force with the hunger for power rises to strike down White. The culprit behind the attack taking her off guard and leaving her shocked. But is this the true threat? What will become of the Kingdom if peace is not restored?
What will happen if this is too much for The Fluffies to handle?


Anraxin (c) to Prismasia 
Sugilite (c) to ReindeerSkies

ArielKat ArielKat Aug 07, 2016
Hey there friend, I know that these are closed, but I absolutely NEEEEED a Garden Fluffie! Can I bribe you with a request, or something similar? (Whatever you wish)
ShadowDraws ShadowDraws Aug 27, 2016
Wow those drawings are beautiful 😍 great job! I loved reading through this lol I usually always skip explanations but not this time I guess :)