Kill The Lights (Yandere! Nagito Komaeda X Fem! Reader)

Kill The Lights (Yandere! Nagito Komaeda X Fem! Reader)

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アナ先輩 By anna--senpai Updated Nov 20, 2016

He wanted you.

More than he wanted depsair, more than he wanted hope.

The second he saw you, he knew there was something different about you. You had a certain... aura about you.

What will he do to make sure you become his and his alone?

((Cover by the lovely @lunanoodlelove))

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  • despair
  • gore
  • hope
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  • nagito
  • romance
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deku_sama deku_sama Nov 12
um... (  0 _0)>DUH!! Because he was giving you a DIRTY look!!😏😏😏😏
xNoriii xNoriii Jul 19
It's the funniest thing, while I was scrolling through your page while singing Kill The Lights, I saw this book.
Okie, it’s not like I didn’t want to die (obvious sarcasm)
Flame-Breath Flame-Breath 3 days ago
*gets a bomb and destroys room* I’m so sorry I’m such a KLUTZ
hggfdfgfhc all the fuckin noragami references in the comments oh my god
Denkichuuu Denkichuuu Jul 15
Let us clean the bathroom together which will accidentally lock us for half an hour or so