Kill The Lights (Yandere! Nagito Komaeda X Fem! Reader)

Kill The Lights (Yandere! Nagito Komaeda X Fem! Reader)

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ちくま小林 By anna--senpai Updated Nov 20, 2016

He wanted you.

More than he wanted depsair, more than he wanted hope.

The second he saw you, he knew there was something different about you. You had a certain... aura about you.

What will he do to make sure you become his and his alone?

((Cover by the lovely @lunanoodlelove))

Are you going to kill me? Well. I'd be delighted to die! 🤗
Love1_1 Love1_1 Jul 18
Dirty look 
                              COME, LENNY FACE ARMY!! GIVE ME YOUR PERV POWER
Love1_1 Love1_1 Jul 18
He is just staring at Hinata
                              please don't kill someone ( ̄Д ̄)ノ
*Komaeda appears* YOU CANNOT CALL HINATA-KUN "Hinata-kun"!!!!!!!!'
Oh well that's what happened in my whole elementary school year. This one kid wouldn't stop glaring and staring at me. Whatever I did he wouldn't stop. It kinda made me scared that he hated me or something... 😅
Izuru things: "how boring" "they live and die by the memes, an infection"