Bless Us All (HXH)

Bless Us All (HXH)

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初心忘るべからず By faufaren Updated Jan 15

He goes out into the world and he meets so many new people-- people that are kind to him, gentle like no one has ever been gentle with him before, people that are good in their hearts and pure in their intentions, and they want to help him. But he's already gone-- taken apart and completely shredded beyond any hope of repair, and you can't fix something that's not even there anymore. 

Rewrite of my old fic called 'Blue is the Color of Happiness'. Follows Hunter X Hunter 2011 storyline. Rated T for language, gore, dark themes. OC-centric. No pairings; implied.

[Status: Ongoing]

Book cover credited to me.

I know I shouldn't be happy about this but I AM. We love you, Lock; you deserve this.
What if someone try's to eat him.....not like vore but like in a cannibalistic way... how will he regenerate?
Okay I know this is meant to be serious, and it is, but can I just take a moment to point out that 'maimed donkey' moment there?
Practically crying out of happiness for you, Lock. All the fans have gone through so much with you in BitCoH, you're like our collective adopted child. 
                              Be happy. 
                              You deserve it.
                              Please don't kill us.
maddyams maddyams Aug 10, 2016
I'm shaking with excitement. I'm so happy to get an even better version of my favorite wattpad story.
princessofnargles princessofnargles Nov 05, 2016
Your writing is so good it made me want to throw up, in a good way though!