You and I

You and I

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Yeol~ By ot2kaji Updated Jan 08

It was 8 in the morning me and QuiShi having our time walking our way to school when Qing and CayZ suddenly showed up with a flashy car.

"Wanna go for a ride?" CayZ asked

"No, we're fine just walking"
I answered

"Let's go CayZ, let's not bother them"

Qing & CayZ then just dash off,
I don't know why but sometimes Qing has that odd aura. 

"Who are those?" QuiShi asked

"That's Qing and his Friend CayZ!"

"Your stepbother?"

"Yes, he moved in just a week ago"

"That's nice if you ever get awkward around him just come to my house!" QuiShi offered me

"It's fine, Qing is good!" what can he do to me

We both arrived the school late it was already 9AM,QuiShi and i entered the room and saw everyone having a commotion, They were all surrounding someone at the first raw, I then saw a familiar face to my surprise it was CayZ & wait thats  Qing.

Me & QuiShi went to the chair at the far back of the room,i can't blame them for causing a chaos, CayZ and Qing have the look of a royalty not to...

Jenniferekberg12 Jenniferekberg12 Oct 04, 2016
Only me that kinda thinks its annoying with emojis in a story?
xxxleigh xxxleigh Aug 04, 2016
U have a great plot story and ur english are good as well keep doing what u doing dear.. i love it 😊
joeyuris joeyuris Jul 25, 2016
Hmm.. why i can't load your recent update (" TWO" ) ?? everytime i try to read it there always "failed to load" pop up.. 😣
ot2kaji ot2kaji Jul 26, 2016
im so lost.  . i am hapy at least someones reading my work 😂
BossyCruel BossyCruel Aug 30, 2016
Are they step brothers related by marriage or half brothers sharing the blood of one parent?
meimei744 meimei744 Jul 26, 2016
next is wang qing's pov wow looking forward to it :))))
                              btw, your english is fine and your story is nice :))