NateWantsToBattle x Reader

NateWantsToBattle x Reader

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Being a creator in the gaming part of YouTube means you go to a lot of conventions. 

At these conversations, you tend to meet other YouTubers. 

When you meet this youtuber though, how will this friendship go when he asks you on a date? Will it be a friendship or maybe something more?

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I am kind of a kuudere ((I typed kuudere and the first thing that came up was murderer ·-·)). Like, I don't show emotion half of the time, the other half I do.
Cause these Oracion Seis will bring the darkest days! 
                              Aaaaannnnndddd I'm a Fairy Tail GEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK.
killjoys_2001_2013 killjoys_2001_2013 Sep 08, 2017
He is my YouTube crush and honestly HOW DEEP DO HIS BEAUTIFUL DIMPLES GO
__DaeAndJulia__ __DaeAndJulia__ Jun 27, 2017
You guys don't know do you? He did a crime...
                              He stole everyone's hearts xD
For real tho, the first thing I see when reading the A/N, he's so freakin cute omgksjsnal😂and I'd have to agree👌
Don't worry,unless you're someone that loves everything and everyone,I like you.=D