The sexual games (fairy tail lemon story)

The sexual games (fairy tail lemon story)

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Rowen_13 By animeislife13 Updated Jan 02, 2017

WARNING: This is a lemon fanfic

A dark guild named "Possessed Hearts" kidnapped Fairy Tail's master. The Possessed hearts wanted the fairy tail members to play a game. The possessed hearts wanted to pick team of two to try to get their master back. 

When Wendy teleported to a room with Romeo, the room was just a regular room with a bed a couch and a tv.

Wendy yelled, "What are supposed to do?" 

"I will tell you what to do! If you do this with love and if our judges counting me will at least get an 11 than you pass! And you guys get a point. Than the other team goes there and does the same thing. Later if you get 10 stars you can get your master back." Layla from the possessed hearts explained.

If they follow what they say than they can get their master back, but they don't know what they are going to tell them to do. 


Rowen-Romeo and Wendy

Nalu-Natsu and Lucy

Gale-Gajeel and levy

Elfgreen- Elfman and Evergreen

Gruvia- Juvia and gray

And others.... I will think of more later.

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Hi my name is Maria. And i’m Now a second Mira! Jk jk! 
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                              Asylum Worker: yes we are.
                              Me: Oh dear fuuuuuck! *jumps out window which is on the third story* YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!
                              Asylum Worker: Aw shiz we got a runner!
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I read the big boots big boobs.... I should stop reading lemons....
Kawaii_Cass Kawaii_Cass May 11
Mira. We can see you... MAYBE YOU ARE THE FUTURE MIRA! THE DAUGHTER OF LAXUS AND MIRA!! Heaven is complete!
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Idk WHY but when it said green head I was all like:
                              🎶You’re a mean one... Mr. Grinch🎶
                              Again Idk WHY!
                              Nobody: miss violet you’re talking to yourself again.
                              Me: SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BITCH!
*tries to push nastu off* Damn u a sack of fat potatoes 😐
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I sooooo thought of Gravity Falls when it said winkwonk! LMAO 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣