A selfless Sacrifice (A Fred Weasley Fan Fiction)

A selfless Sacrifice (A Fred Weasley Fan Fiction)

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Hey  guys, this isn't the sequel, just to let you know but I intend on doing one foe my other Fred story. I hope you enjoy this one :DDD

There aren't too many unique things about me. I've always been described as the average girl. Average grades, average looks, average name, average family. Average. That's what I've been all my life, that is until I got the letter from Hogwarts in the middle July. July 11th at 12.31 am to be quite exact. 

"Mom, I thought I was going to go to an American wizarding school." I said to my mom after I had opened my letter up. 

"I know that's what was the original plan but we talked to Dumbledore and your dad and I've decided that Hogwarts is a pretty good school." she explained. 

"All the way in Britain? No more Time Square, no more shopping, no more hot guys." I said only half jokingly. 

"Hey, some Brits can be pretty handsome." my mom laughed. 

Almost 2 months later... 

"Have fun honey!" my dad yelled out to me as the train pulled away from the s...

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KarmaTheRealMVP KarmaTheRealMVP Jun 28, 2016
Every time I'm reading one of these fan fictions I feel so loved with being a Slytherin and all!
Thank you so much for dedicating this to me, means so much <3