How Hard I Try || Mithzan X Reader

How Hard I Try || Mithzan X Reader

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"Knock knock! Haha!" I say.

   "W-who's t-there?" 

   I wasn't expecting anyone to reply. Who was this male voice?


   "D-dishes w-who?" He replies. I giggle.

   "Dishes a very bad joke!" I state. He laughs whole-heartedly, though still trying to keep quiet.

   "U-um, m-my turn?"

   "Okay!" I agree.

   "Kn-knock knock," he says.
   "Who's there?"
   "THE DOOR!" He whisper/shouts. I snort, clapping a hand over my mouth, though he couldn't see it.

   "That's a good one! My name's Y/N L/N!"

   "I-I'm Prince Max Mithzan."

   ". . . . . ."
   "A-are you s-still th-there?"
   "Y'know, you should have more confidence in yourself! That stutter isn't exactly gonna help you with politics!"
   "Heh, y-yeah. I'll . . . Talk t-to y-you l-l-later?" 
   "Yeah. Next week, same day, same time."


[].  [].  [].  [].

   Y/N is a just a regular girl, in a rich, wonderful kingdom. If you call a metal-eating jokester normal. She would talk to the prince every week, just to crack jokes, brighten each other's days, and just have fun. 
   But one day, Max's parents died. And so, upon tradition, the kingdom welcomed him with open arms as their new ruler. But it affected Y/N greatly. And not in a good way.

   Y/N's life went downhill from there. Her family lost their money, her parents died from a disease that horribly deformed their faces. 

   Now, she lives as a homeless thief. Stealing goods left and right. She has even caused death with a simple, stealthy, stab of her (many) dagger(s). Not that she wants to, but because she must. 

   But what turn of events will bring them back together? And when a threat comes, will she be able to stop it? No matter how hard she tries?

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GoldenGoddess5101 GoldenGoddess5101 Apr 29, 2017
If Queen Ross declares a law he signs
                              Also THAT SNAZZY SUNGLASS WEARING PAPER BOY BETTER BE HERE SOON! We need a story line
                              ROSS NO
that_emo_nerd that_emo_nerd Jun 08, 2017
IS HE A LITTLE SQUIRL WITH LITTLE SQUIRL KNEE CAPS IN A PRINCESS DRESS!?!?!?!?!*Imagine that in his butt knight voice
_MissPanda101_ _MissPanda101_ Jul 27, 2016
nice, cant wait to see how this will play out... will she continue to eat metal in the future??