You Use To Be Useful (OHSHC)

You Use To Be Useful (OHSHC)

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Fufu~ By hisokamybff Completed

Ayaka Mano is her name, playing with boys's hearts is her game. It all started with one heartbreak and with that she swore she'll never love again. She built a wall between her and others and made sure it was stern.

    Her wealthy family despises her, she has zero friends until her family moves. Now she must go to a new school called Ouran High School. Ayaka might think it's gonna be like every other school and will mess with the boys heartstrings, but up ahead is something that might change her life forever.

I do not own the Host Club no matter how much I want too. I only own Ayaka and future people you that isn't in the Ohshc. Please excuse my grammar mistakes, I won't be editing it anytime soon.

Honestly, except for fanfiction and tv/anime, school is my life.. I don't have a social life without school.