His Desires

His Desires

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She wasn't enough for him. She was never enough for him. He craved more of her, how could a man want a woman in a sick and desired way? Especially when its his desires.

Amalia Erickson seems to be an ordinary 18 year old with the typical dysfunctional family. Always trying to meet her father's expectations she begins to hate herself. She knows she can never truly be the star in her father's eye simply because she was not born a boy, to never be the perfect son.  After a night filled of angry torment, Amalia decides to release her grief in the gym.  Completely alone, she regrets her decision when she wakes up in a room that she has never been in before. Slowly, Amalia begins to realise the consequences of what one choice can make which can change a life completely.  However, for Amalia, her choice can change her life for the better when she meets Victor Fizetto - the very man who captured Amalia in the first place. 

Not one to admit Stockholm Syndrome, Amalia becomes mesmerized by Victor. He is dominant and dangerous and brings out a side of Amalia that she never knew existed. As for Victor, a troubled, yet mysterious bachelor loves Amalia in a way that no one ever reads about in romance novels. He wants to claim her body, mind and soul, and he will do anything and everything to get what he truly desires most.


This story is MATURE. It does contain sexual violence, references and well... detailed descriptions of sex? So if you are against sex, or are simply too young then i advise you not to read this book.

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