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NatePat OTP By SmileInABottle Completed

Basically, I keep having this recurring dream where Matpat is kidnapped. He's a single father to a little girl and the first person to notice him missing is Markiplier, because he is babysitting at the time. Now, I had no idea about NateWantsToBattle's video until just this morning, so now that I've found a suspect for a kidnapper, I have a reason to actually write this fanfiction.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Stephanie, she's just not in the story because it would be just a bit more interesting with a child having no idea what happened to her dad as opposed to a wife, which is super cliche. No offense.

I hope you enjoy :) The little girl is an O.C I've had for a while and, unlike most writers, I don't use my own name because I don't see the story revolving around me *cough cough* Other writers *cough*

I'll try out all the cameras to see what they do, lets check the animatronics. Did one of them just move?
Foxeroonie Foxeroonie Mar 16
He works at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! How convenient! No wonder he's so paranoid...
ni737337 ni737337 Jan 23
Completely unrelated random loss if the glass plate, defo wasn't Mark! Yeah, very smooth😏
Wait why did he say "our daughter" if he's a man? IS MATPAT GAY OR AM I WAY TOO TIRED TO BE AWAKE?
DreamcatcherGirl_4 DreamcatcherGirl_4 Nov 27, 2016
And then he went crazy, found a Freddy fazbear suit, plotted the end of Mark Nate and AJ, and spent 3 months preparing to break a wall with a flamethrowing chainsaw