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NatePat OTP By SmileInABottle Completed

Basically, I keep having this recurring dream where Matpat is kidnapped. He's a single father to a little girl and the first person to notice him missing is Markiplier, because he is babysitting at the time. Now, I had no idea about NateWantsToBattle's video until just this morning, so now that I've found a suspect for a kidnapper, I have a reason to actually write this fanfiction.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Stephanie, she's just not in the story because it would be just a bit more interesting with a child having no idea what happened to her dad as opposed to a wife, which is super cliche. No offense.

I hope you enjoy :) The little girl is an O.C I've had for a while and, unlike most writers, I don't use my own name because I don't see the story revolving around me *cough cough* Other writers *cough*

KaitlynGirlyGirl KaitlynGirlyGirl Nov 27, 2016
And then he went crazy, found a Freddy fazbear suit, plotted the end of Mark Nate and AJ, and spent 3 months preparing to break a wall with a flamethrowing chainsaw