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You hear about Daddy's girls and Mama's boys all the time. Those spoiled rotten children whose parents would give them their last breath. But seventeen-year-old Shaun Harrison the Seventh was an extreme Daddy's boy. That was his best friend, his other half, the person he'd give his arm, leg and last breath if needed. 

Shaun is the oldest son of two and has always been the apple of his dad's eye. Shaun was real successful and strived to make his dad proud of him. He lead his school and district in basketball and already has an abundance of scholarships to colleges and universities across the U.S. Shaun is the star child and always has been, leaving his little brother Joshua in the shadows and disowned for his homosexuality which Shaun secretly struggles with himself. 

Shaun just wants to keep his incarcerated, homophobic father happy and proud of him, and he also wants to be comfortable in his own skin, but he knows he can't have the best of both worlds. His dad would disown him, look at him with disgust and see him as his biggest failure and disappointment. 

"He's the one person I'd do anything for and hate to disappoint."
-Shaun Harrison

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