White Force

White Force

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Charlay Marie By CharlayMarie1 Updated Aug 15

BOOK 2 in the White Fire Series:

Fire trumps ice, or so it seems when the Fire King becomes victorious in his plan to help the Slynathis Rebels kill the Ice King. With a new King on the  throne, anything is possible.

Anya, Prince Sebastian and Luca are on the run from the new Ice King and decides to head North where the Prince can promise them a safe haven while working on reclaiming the throne. In a new tribe full of chilly stares and whispers, Anya must keep her identity a secret or else their location will be discovered. With the help of new associates, they learn that their greatest weapon lies on the Mountain of Ire: a hidden cave that houses the winter stone in its purest form. And on the mountain, is rumored to be a man who can teach them how to master the stone.

Anya has barely mastered the art of wielding white fire and now has to conquer the art of wielding the powers within the winter stone. If she fails, she will loose everything, but if she is successful, she will be a FORCE to  reckon with...

evageparis evageparis Jul 23
Dear, you're such a love, you should have seen my face; the smiles, couldn't wait for My dear Sebastian, Anya, Cora, Luca and even Titus-since all I think is how my dear lovelies are going to kick his buttocks off the throne.
tripletlmf tripletlmf Apr 01
Read the whole first book in a day it was so good!!! In between classes at school, at lunch, study hall, I was reading it whenever I could.  Can't wait to start this one !!!!
SherWin558 SherWin558 Apr 18
Yay I loved white fire and I would love it if you can continue on and make a series :)
Annorrah Annorrah Mar 21
Didn't you say there was another book in the queens pov or something like that called White Lie (sorry if I got the title wrong) is that out yet or am I just imagining stuff... ha nah my brain is as big as a shoe like I would think of that.
3000mary 3000mary Aug 22
YAAAAAAAY BOOK TWO 😍 I loved your first book so much, I swear I started it and finished it TODAY! I've been reading all day