Only One Who Keeps Me Sane (Corisk Fanfic)

Only One Who Keeps Me Sane (Corisk Fanfic)

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Cory and Frisk journey together towards the forbidden mountains where they both collapsed in the dark Ruins. Where the meet evil talking flowers, goat parents, skelebros, armored fishes, and a dinosaur weeabo. 

Cory and Frisk have been friends for many years, meeting from both being bullied. Cory takes the side of a Genocide because of an unknown CHARActer while Frisk takes the Pacifist route. He's all about fight and murder whilst she's all about mercy and forgiving. 

You know what they all say, "Opposites attract." Right?

Hi! Potato here! I do NOT OWN these CHARActers (Haha pun) They all belong to Toby Fox and Newscapepro. Cory is Newscapepro's character while everyone else belongs to the maker of Undertale: Toby Fox. That cover I made was my own drawing.
Old title was too long XD: Only One That Can Keep Me a From a Going Insane.
New Title: The Only One That Keeps Me Sane

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Mystic_Glow Mystic_Glow Nov 22
Hi Chara....what'cha doin'? * nervous laugh * Uh...bye! * runs *
Topeaa Topeaa Nov 16
BEST PIC EVER! Did you draw this? It's really good even if you did do it on a device!
Poem for tha 3 bullies(Roses are red violets are blue,those bullies look ugly...and smell bad too)
R00DL3S R00DL3S Jul 27
That picture... Did you draw it yourself? If you did, it's amazing!
if only that happened in the roleplay😂 (im criamoonknight btw. hello.)
EmmieWuvsU EmmieWuvsU Oct 23
This makes.....
                              ...A good...
                              ....lemon scene