Tamed To Love You

Tamed To Love You

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A sequel of Falling in love With You

"I love you, Alexa," Ryan said as he crushed his lips on mine.

"No you don't!" I said as I pushed him away. "If you loved me then you wouldn't kiss that woman."

"Alexa, you are the only girl who I kissed," he said as he tried to hug me but I ignored him. "You are misunderstand something!"

"I saw the photo of you and your lover kissing!" I cried.

"She is not my lover!" He said as he pinned me on the wall and kissed me hard. "I love you, Alexa and I really mean it."

"Then why did you not made our marriage official to other people?" I cried. "What would I tell other people about the child that I am pregnant with?"

"You are pregnant?" He asked as he hugged me. "I am sorry Alexa that you got so much hurt because of me but there are thing that I need to fix. Until then, we have to keep our marriage secret. I would never ever let anybody lay a finger on our child and you," he said.

What did he mean? Somebody wanted to hurt us? But who and why?

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Rose-linda Rose-linda Feb 26
They got that as a wedding present!!! My mom just got a blender lol