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!!RANDOM BOOK NOW!! Out of my League // Skymedia x Mystreet AU/FF

!!RANDOM BOOK NOW!! Out of my League // Skymedia x Mystreet AU/FF

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The Woman Who Would Be Queen. By roxy30005 Updated 5 days ago

You were out of my league
  All the things I believe
  You were just the right kind
  Yeah, you are more than just a dream
  You were out of my league
  Got my heartbeat racing
  If I die don't wake me
  'Cause you are more than just a dream
  Jessica Aphmau Phoenix. A girl of many worlds. Comes from a great place, to a fake place. 
  Well that's all about to change. 
  What will happen when old friends come back? When old friendships are rekindled? When envy takes over the mind, what will happen? But who exactly are her old friends? Well, they are several different people.
  A girl (or two) who can throw a punch.
  Two amazing girls who can kick yo butt. 
  Several extremely weird boys.
  And an nerd. 
  Don't forget the nerd. 
  But what will truly happen? Only fate holds the destiny of these heroes......
  ❝Bro, you're my whole world bro❞ ❝B R O❞ ❝Can you guys just SHUT UP already?❞

Madisonhorton804 Madisonhorton804 Sep 10, 2016
Hopefully you can get everything sorted out. If you need anyone to talk or vent to you can always talk to me.
- - Sep 18, 2016
I so agree. Like, come on people. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MUCH HATE HE'S GETTING????????
FandomQueenMC FandomQueenMC Oct 07, 2016
I hate people who spread rumors like this, I don't think its true
Crystallized_Wolfie Crystallized_Wolfie Sep 10, 2016
I've been seeing so much stuff about jin! Can someone explain what's happening???
Fanfics_fix Fanfics_fix Sep 18, 2016
All i know if it IS true, i regret listening to my fanfics fanbase for forcing me to put Jin into my story XD
LovesRoss LovesRoss Sep 18, 2016
Even tho I don't really like him that much he's still a great guy. I am praying for Jin he'll be alright. But I have terrible luck so maybe I should stop.