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 》 My Cute Editor 《  ~ A Mithzan x Reader ~

》 My Cute Editor 《 ~ A Mithzan x Reader ~

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》 Drastic Is My Name 《 By iConstellations Updated 5 days ago

You were strolling down the streets of Washington. You were taking care of your parents house, while they were gone on a vacation they left their dog so you needed to feed her. But the good part was a free house to stay in.. for a few days. You're mother and father lived in a very fancy neighbor hood. And they were friends with some noisy neighbors. As you were strolling down, you had been stop by a man who had glasses and some wild hair. His name was Adam, he reminded you of who he was. You grew up with him in Washington. But you had left for high-school and collage in New York, meeting Ross at your high-school.  He invited you to work as a editor and entertainer with the Sky Offices. They needed more people for recently Jin, and Corry had left for their own reasons.

You took the offer as you needed a job recently. They asked you for dinner and you might as well go over, its a free meal anyway.  You went back home to get ready and you did. Snoopy loved you're outfit. You grabbed Jerry (Your long-board in the story) You entered the house being surrounded by various people but one person kept his distance. Later on you learned his name and everyone's name. You saw your old best friend, Ross. And your child hood  pal' Adam. You met you new gal' friend Jess as well! They all seem like a bunch of fun... but what more would happen with that one guy and you..

I like Star Wars rebels  as in the cartoon not of fan of Star Wars tho but that's ok
GeenaTheEnderEye GeenaTheEnderEye Nov 29, 2016
When I bleed I suck my blood is that not normal?? I also like the taste of blood!
nightcorechick nightcorechick Oct 06, 2016
I'm more concerned about the fact it said "I'm sucking my own womb" 😂
Lruffner765 Lruffner765 Jan 04
IS MASON RELATED TO BARNEY (you know since he is a goat in this story kind of lol idk help)
AdriChara AdriChara Nov 16, 2016
'Dont get any weird ideas!'
                              Me: b-baka!
                              *out comes the lemons and smut...* oh gawd...
r23ocx r23ocx Jan 04
*sees the words "grey knitted beanie" in the url* YUS X3 BEANIES WIN AT LEIF