Madness Of Mr. & Mrs. Carter

Madness Of Mr. & Mrs. Carter

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Twinkle Parihar By StarlingBird Updated Nov 08, 2016

I had Adrian pinned down underneath me. His gun in my hands. Aimed right to his forehead. 
"What are you waiting for? Pull the trigger, love." He says in his calm sweet menacing British accent. 
I try. 
But I can't. 
Its as if someone paused this moment right here infront of me while I made the decision of wether or not to take away the life of a man who held my heart in between his monstrous hands. 
"You can't kill me, Lila." He smiled. 
The gun is shaking in my hands as I stare long and deep into his eyes. 
"Admit it. You love me. Even though all the things I did to you. You fell in love with me just as much as I did." He smiles. His hands cradled under his head as he looked up at me cockingly. 
A single tear slides down my eye and I thought of all the things he has done to me. 
Treating ME like a possession since We were kids.
Controlling every ASPECT of MY life. 
Killing MY FATHER right infront of my eyes.  
Raping me and calling it love. 
Forcing me to MARRY HIM. Forcing me to get PREGNANT. 
Pushing me down on my knees to submit to him. 
Killing everyone I dared show my affection to unless it was HIM. 
He created me. LILA "FUCKING" CARTER. The Mafia Queen. THE WIFE of Adrian "Alastor" Carter. 
The drug lord. 
The weaponry genius. 
The underworld God. 
And here he was underneath me. At my mercy. And I was shaking. 
Afraid of killing the man who was behind my misery. 
Tears streamed down my eyes as I finally came in grasp of all the things he has done to me. 
How can I ever forgive? 
How can I ever look past this?  
I know I love him. 
I really do.
But I need...
I need to. 
I have to kill him. 
I take a deep breath and pull the trigger.

Start Date: 23rd July, 2016.

MatureContent: You Need To Follow Me To Read Restricted Chapters. 

Main Characters: 
• Adrian Carter - Stephen James
• Lila Carter - Barbara Palvin


"I'm Built For It, All The Abuse...." - Kehlani

proud_hindu proud_hindu Oct 12, 2016
damn!! starting the book with a bang!! loved it!! a promising beginning i see..
If I was her I would listen to him don't want the guilt of someone death on my head
supremexvii supremexvii Jan 12
Damn, what a brutal and ruthless beginning. 👊🏾💫😬
olga21499 olga21499 Sep 16, 2016
I think I'll be loving this book when I start reading it. I've read the description. I think its gonna be interesting
JaSeeZakiira JaSeeZakiira Nov 30, 2016
I keep reading his name Adriana 😂 lmao my mind turned it into a lesbian book 👭