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My little brother-mikayuu

My little brother-mikayuu

44.4K Reads 2.4K Votes 46 Part Story
_.0fficialyoichi._ By Yoichi_CR Updated Jan 27, 2017

A 12 year old boy name Mikaela Shindo took in a homeless 8 year old name Yuichirou Amane. Their brotherly relationship started as chaos but the raven and blonde slowly became close. Mikaela starts having weird feelings towards Yuichirou on the age of 16. It couldn't be love could it? He can't fall in love with his own little brother. They're not related to blood,but still,isn't it wrong?

  • boyxboy
  • mikaela
  • mikayuu
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  • softyaoi
  • yaoi
  • yuuchirou