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Tord X Reader

Tord X Reader

19.2K Reads 506 Votes 22 Part Story
Eyeless_Jade70 By Eyeless_Jade70 Updated Jan 04

You've Been living with the boys for 3 years, and fell in love with Tord at first site. Now you and him go out, but a certain someone likes you. Find out everything in this book!

Tom:*lady voice* SIR UR GONNA HAVE TO KEEP DA NOIZ DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!
if tords salt and toms negativity was a child then you'd have me tbh
fandomsiko fandomsiko Feb 18
I love tord's mine (lmao I'm sorry but you have to work on your/you're
when it was getting into the lemon part im like;
                              oh hELL NAWWW
*switches with Tom because I don't like vanilla*
                              Tom: HEY! That was MY ice cream!!
                              Me: NOT ANYMORE! *laughs evilly and runs away*
                              Tom: GET BACK HERE! *grabs harpoon gun*
                              Me: Okay u win! *walks back and switches with Tom again powting while he smiles like a kid*
Why is everyone giving Matt money?XD *fives Matt money and diamonds* I CANT HELP IT THERES SOME TYPE OF WITCHCRAFT MAKING ME DO IT!!!