Your words on my heart (PHAN)

Your words on my heart (PHAN)

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24601 By Nevalia-Yui Updated Dec 28, 2016

I saw this book on the floor and I thought it was just a stupid thing.

I started reading it because I wanted to know who it owned to. 

The author's writing is beautiful but his words are painful. They want to kill themselves, disappear. But they also appreciate little things and are afraid to lost them. They make jokes and bands reference. 

They are Dan Howell, the most friendly guy at school.

I'm Phil Lester, the most bullied kid at school.

Here is how the bullied one has to save the happy one. 

Warning : this is about suicide so if you mind suicide/self-harm/depression, don't read.
Also, if you hate bad jokes and fluffy romance, don't read.
Plus, there'll probably be someone straight so if you are heterophone, don't insult :/

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RainbowDream87 RainbowDream87 Aug 30, 2017
I actually like Frozen please don't kill me :| 
                              I love every single Disney movie and I can't bear to dislike even one!
-Melanielovesyou- -Melanielovesyou- Apr 15, 2017
RainbowDream87 RainbowDream87 Aug 30, 2017
I remember when I made my friends listen to goner for the first time and they were like 'oh yeah this is nice I'm getting tired' and when Tyler screamed (the sound was at full volume) THEYRE EARS STARTED BLEEDING BWAHAHAHA
                              I'm such a bad friend lmao
gay_on_ice_tbh gay_on_ice_tbh Dec 28, 2016
i bet he actually was that one kid who always fell out of his seat.
gay_on_ice_tbh gay_on_ice_tbh Dec 28, 2016
*sits down looking sophisticated with notepad and pen in hand* babe, let me tell you a little about phil lester.