The billionaires obsession

The billionaires obsession

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Isabelle Raymond is a typical women who got kicked out of her apartment for not paying the rent and now is on the streets on a hunt to find a job , she thinks she is intelligent enough for any kind of job .

Chris drake is the youngest CEO of the drake corporations , when he led eyes on Isabelle he falls for her and is obsessed, can he confess to Isabelle or will he be the obsessed billionaire .


Hey guys so this is my first story actually I tried making this story six months ago but then deleted it because I thought it was a really boring idea and story and I could not imagine the ending but I'm back with an awesome end and I'm really thankful for you choosing my story.

Mature chapters:

Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
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Jenny_c3350 Jenny_c3350 Mar 12
Stefan died in the last Vampire diaries episode and elena has woken up😭😊💜
LyssaLoo521 LyssaLoo521 Feb 23
Lol they live in a society where they must state if they are or are not a virgin apparently.
tuhijacristina tuhijacristina Dec 28, 2016
I was expecting her to perform CPR, but I guess that works too 😂😂😂😂
GlamAngel3766 GlamAngel3766 Oct 25, 2016
If you want some one with piercing eyes then you could of looked at Link cosplay. No pair of eyes stare into your soul quite like the legendary hero from Hyrule. Fictional characters are the way to go if you want some one who is just too perfect for this world
ElisandraLangeMoura ElisandraLangeMoura Jul 29, 2016
Sorry, not to be rude or anything, but on a car accident you can't give the victim water, because the damage can be intern... just this point! Nice start on the story, I'm going to the next!
rudolph21 rudolph21 Jan 09
Lmao "virgin: yes" That's strangely written
                              But even more concerning, they would not be able to find that out. No one stalked her ever since she was born and made sure 24/7 that she had her "virginity"