little miss sunshine

little miss sunshine

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You always see her smile, always see her happy , but why? She had a hard life , she had a hard life but she always sees the best in everyone. Still she had the hardest past of them all.  Of all of us. It is het way of dealing with every thing.

She has been kidnapped ,tortured , raped , rejected and much more. She was completely alone , she ran away from her 'home' and here 'pack'. She was raped since the age of fifteen , tortured since the age of five. And rejected by the son of the man who started it all. 

The only reason why she is happy is because she is pregnant. And she is sure it is the baby of her 'mate'. She is more than happy to be a single mother. Because she already is... Of baby Tyler who also is the son of her mate but he'd doesn't believe. Nobody thus but she doesn't care if he'd is happy she is happy. 

But will little miss sunshine find her new home for her and her babies? Will she find her real family? Will she ever be really happy or is it just an act?

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thegirlthatsalone thegirlthatsalone Aug 21, 2017
This reminds me of tkbm ( the kings broken mate ) on episode
shorok shorok Aug 27, 2013
Really good!!!!!!!!!! :) and good written too
                              I am proud, didn't know you had it in you ;)