(DISCONTINUED) I Refuse to Believe its you! ~Zanvis~

(DISCONTINUED) I Refuse to Believe its you! ~Zanvis~

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Weh By i_am_a_potato8 Updated Oct 16, 2016

Cover done by me!

Yo yo yo its ya gurl Potato! I am very happy to bring you this story that i'm making. However I am not sure what my updating schedule will be, but i'll try to get to this story as often as I can. As you guys may already know, I am currently working on a Lemon, Oneshot, and Smut book. You guys requested more Zanvis so I thought of, why not make it into an actual story eh? In this story Zane and Travis are basically internet friends, but, they have no idea that they are actually roommates in college. Pretty obvious how this story is gonna end up like. But hey, i'm new to this "writing stories" type of thing so cut me some slack.

Story contains the following:

Some Smut
Self Harm (I'll give trigger warnings)
Mature Language
Etc Etc

Thank you for wanting to read this story!


Yahairas_world Yahairas_world Dec 07, 2016
I am from New Jersey and I have not noticed any accents. Do we really have accents?
nerdygamer18 nerdygamer18 Nov 18, 2016
My sub yesterday in class said let it go to a student and he, yes HE, started to sing it. Funniest thing that happened that day
TheUnknownWriter_8D TheUnknownWriter_8D Nov 29, 2016
I'm done I'm seriously done as a girl I found that ridiculously funny don't ask why I am ugh Im just done