"Love me Again, Mr. Ice Prince"

"Love me Again, Mr. Ice Prince"

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mimi551990 By mimi551990 Updated Oct 16, 2016

A conceited princess? That's me! I'm Cahira Ferrer and I always get what I want and discard what I don't. I hate this Travis guy whom over-confidently showing his affections to me! Jeez, he's so lame-believe me! Wearing those big-rounded-eyeglasses every day? No-he's too far from a Harry Potter look! Jesus, he's so skinny and always wore that loose-polo-I mean, who wants this lame guy!? I loathe him! 

But wait, that so long gone for it happened eleven years ago! And now? He had grown dangerously handsome and ridiculously rich! Actually, he's gonna take everything from me-my father, my mansion-literally, the every piece that my family worked for! I still..wanted to loathe him!

Bet you'll ask me-what the future will be with Travis? Yes-I wanted him back! I wanted him to fall in love with me, again.. But you guess-will I just pretend or would I eventually fall for him and say: 

"Love me again, Mr. Ice Prince.."

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