Sleepless Nights (KHR FANFIC)

Sleepless Nights (KHR FANFIC)

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Hoseki13 By Hoseki13 Completed

They say whenever you're suddenly awake, it means a parallel you had died.

Maybe that's why he kept waking up.


AysaWolf AysaWolf Aug 10
Not reading yet.... But dang that summary....................... I think a parallel me might have died the other day
shafaAy shafaAy Aug 06
Tsuna.... 😭 i wish you real in my world, i wanna meet you and be your family
ciello_27 ciello_27 Jul 23
Yes!!!! Freaking yes hoseki-chan!!! You need to continue!!! Ugh!! I'm addicted to your stories!! All of them are so good!! I'm crying!!!!!ahh!
Yeah!! You should continue it.. I like about this book.. and now I can't wait what happen next..
Smntt- Smntt- Nov 05
... The summary tho... That means my parallel self died... Awe poo. I could've met my parallel self :T
Akira-chan7 Akira-chan7 Jul 23
I simply think that question is hopeless anyway... it's such a wonderful story~