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The kidnappers (MarkiplierXjacksepticeyeXaniysepticeyeXdarkiplierXreader)

The kidnappers (MarkiplierXjacksepticeyeXaniysepticeyeXdarkiplierXreader)

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Someonethatneedshelp By chan_that_writer Completed

Ok this will have smut (mostly rape[if you don't like DONT READ]) slow updates (or writers bloke)  and bad words (you can't have a Jack and Mark story with out cursing right). And btw your name will be this YN. Ok got it? Good (there will be grammar mistakes so if you are a grammar cop don't ride me out please). 

YN is 25 and loves jacksepticeye and Markiplier 

YN jests met her two idles. Markiplier or Mark, and jacksepticeye or Jack at Paxs Prim. The day ended like always, sad and lonely (aging) but happy she met Mark and jacks . She was walking home when YN decided to cut through an alley. But that was not the right time. Two men where talk, one had one green eye and one black eye with dark green hair and pointy ears with 10" ring (think thats what there called) in his ears. 'he looked a lot like Jack but why'. The other one had black eyes with a hint of flame in them. He had blood like hair 'and he likes like mark' both had razor sharp teeth. What YN didn't now was that they were the start of something terrible. 

YN- your name (if you forgot) 
BFF- best friend 
HC- hair color 
EC- eye color 
YLN- your last name 

This is my third book but to you guys it will be my second so watch out for another book. I will be a JackXMarkXreader high school. Ok bu-buy

Art not mine jests saying

If this happened to me I would literally be a blushing and stuttering mess. I HAVE STAGE FRIGHT. Btw I'm reading this for the millionth time ^w^
And then I just casually sit down not even acknowledging what just happened
whatevers_whatev whatevers_whatev Sep 18, 2016
Lmao "dame she's hot" *their girlfriends simultaneously look at them* "w-we mean nah man she ugly as fûck" 
                              Me- ;-; o no #whenyouaddtothesceneandcallyourselfugly
Emmy_Fanfics Emmy_Fanfics Dec 25, 2016
*looks at Mark*BOI! I...uh...never mind 
                              *starts to walk away*
                              Felix: *drags her back*
                              Me: NU!
                              Jack: you gotta stay
                              Me: I sure do Lucky Charms
3milee 3milee Oct 16, 2016
I read the first word of the second to last which is dang then I read the last word of the chapter which is who, then my brain autocorrected to Doctor who
Romeo_Demon Romeo_Demon Oct 26, 2016
*rocking back and forth* Sooo many mistakes.... This is very difficult for me