Sadist To Submissive

Sadist To Submissive

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Darren Parker. Sounds like a nice enough guy......not. 

This guy is a sadist. He enjoys watching people cry and suffer of course only by the pain he causes them.

Jeremy Wilson. His parents are always moving around the place. He has moved from school to school.

Dont take him lightly though. At 6'5 and muscular he can fend for himself. In fact this guy is a super S. 

So what happens when 2 sadists meet? Especially when Jeremy has his eyes on making Darren submit.

Warning: rated R. BEWARE.

  • bdsm
  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • romance
  • school
Amnesia2015 Amnesia2015 May 26, 2017
Me if I had a dick, oh wait no, this still could work for me..
KhaleesiofKink KhaleesiofKink Apr 07, 2017
I've gotten better hits from a 78 year old that comes to my store.
Awkward_Bro Awkward_Bro Sep 03, 2017
Not gonna lie I love reading stories like this but I personally would not do that with someone in real life. One, I'm too shy. Two, I'm too awkward, and three, I'd probably have a panic attack or something embarrassing and would want the earth to swallow me whole...
TheCaster369 TheCaster369 Sep 19, 2017
I had never heard that before, but I think it is my new favorite song.  Thanks for sharing.
idfk_sebastian idfk_sebastian Dec 26, 2016
somethings going down..its its probably going to be Darren( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)