gay // klance

gay // klance

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imani By klancefordays Updated Sep 05, 2016


Keith's a full-fledged gay, obviously 
Lance is a bisexual flirt, OBViously 


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I dunno Shiro they are already pretty capable and dependable partners already...
iat0004 iat0004 4 days ago
I sat here for 30 seconds at the least choking on my Sprite.
PiperFleming PiperFleming 4 days ago
Probably the only make-out session Keith has ever had in him whole life.
Ok if they don't even realize by now, then that would be an insult to there intelligence
PiperFleming PiperFleming 4 days ago
Actually, my dick-sucking child, being a leader and a space dad, he does have authority over you. A lot. So do what he said.
PiperFleming PiperFleming 4 days ago
Now Lance,
                              just because you flirt with anything that has lips,