Kill Daddy [Peterick]

Kill Daddy [Peterick]

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"Now Patrick, what is the number one rule of being a killer?"

"Always clean your mess..."

I laughed, "close, my baby boy. It's never get caught. I'm glad you're advancing at a very young age."

He nodded, "uh-ha am this many now daddy." he says holding up ten fingers.

It's been exactly that long since I found you crying inside a dumpster. You were nothing but an innocent baby, until I came along. Although I will never see you as a son, I don't mind you calling me daddy.

I reached over and kissed his cheek. "Good boy, now off to bed. Tomorrow will be another day."

He shook his head, "no daddy, I don't want too!"

"Why not?" I asked.

"I want to come with you tonight" he says.

I shook my head, "you know the rules. Friday nights are all to myself."

He then started to pout, "I don't like you going out. You always bring home boys and sometimes girls over and you lock yourself in the other room with them. I hate not knowing what you guys do in there."

"So you've been up p...

This is my favorite thing ever now btw please keep updating 👌🏻😘
I think you mean fate but IDK maybe I'm stupid okay sorry for correcting you ily