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Creepypasta x Male! Reader

Creepypasta x Male! Reader

6.3K Reads 264 Votes 12 Part Story
☆ ʙɪɢ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ☆ By -APH_France Completed

(M/n) (l/n) was an old proxy, First Proxy of slenderman and The son of The Almighty Zalgo. Slenderman didn't know that (m/n) (l/n) was the son of Zalgo, But (M/n) tried telling him about it.

When Slenderman Realized, He cased a spell That quickly sent (m/n) far away from earth. Thinking he would cause destruction to all people and Life.

So, He was sent to a unknown planet, Planet BC106.
He was trapped until a god came and made him the new god Of Planet BC106. He was a new god, the controller of Space and Time.

He spent his 200 years in the Planet BC106, Until He Concorde a new power. Ability to go to different dimensions.

He Teleported to earth and changed his apperance.
He was full of revenge. Became searching for slenderman.

Want to know more about his past? Read it and see the real truth of (m/n). 
Hello, This is the new and Improve Creepypasta x male reader.I finally had an idea to make an new one.

(Not Completed)

ZavenTheTrickster ZavenTheTrickster Jul 23, 2016
Yay! A free ticket to hell! I hear it's great this time of year.
ExiledErin ExiledErin Jul 24, 2016
get him away from the earth and sent him in a unknown planet and trap there forever BY the end pf time. 
                              Is that the message?
-APH_France -APH_France Aug 24, 2016
Yeah, I know right. But he will kill innocent people and not his victims.
Teen_Symptoms Teen_Symptoms Aug 01, 2016
Yeah. He needs beauty sleep. But he doesn't have a face tho XD
SaiyaTheUmbreon SaiyaTheUmbreon Aug 22, 2016
(Thanks for the follow).  Keep up the good work with stories like this, they're really interesting :0