Somebody Like You

Somebody Like You

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NiqNiq1003 By NiqNiq1003 Updated Nov 05

Quavo POV

I was walking around the mall with Offset, Takeoff,Lakeya, Oriel and Skippa we was finna go out Pure Atlanta when we heard crying

"Man shut that shit up damn cry to fucking much"Somebody said I turned around some nigga was yelling at a little girl who could be older than 1 Skippa looked at me 

"Don't talk to her like that man that's a 1 year old"Set said 

"Man you want the little bitch"Dude said handing her to Set walking away

"Oh my gosh look at her hair it's so beautiful"Lakeya said 

"She got to be mix with something" I said she was looking around 

"We got to find her mom"Oriel said as Takeoff got her a women came up 

"Is this your daughter"I asked she nodded she was pretty as hell

"That's your real hair"Lakeya asked

"Yes"She said she had a accent

"That explain where she her get hair from"Lakeya said

"Take give the girl her baby"I said 

"He good"She said 

"You from around here"Skippa said 

"No I just moved down here her father decided he wanted to be in h...

why did i think about it being her before i even came across the picture of her wtf
when i immediately thought of her cuz dats da only domoniqie i know
marchbabyk marchbabyk Jul 26
The story says as me and my little 2 year old sister are watching PJ mask 😂😂😂