Bullied By Skymedia

Bullied By Skymedia

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KÅŁŸÑ By KaceyEx Completed

Title is self explainable. This story includes Adam, Red, Max, Ross, Barney, Jess, Ashley Marie, and Shubble (Shelby)


After you move to Washington and transfer to a new school, you thought you would be one of the popular girls again like your last high school. But things were different, things changed. You start getting bullied and don't know how to deal with it because you've never been bullied before. What will happen in the shocking twist ending of  being Bullied By Skymedia.

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Cinder_Heart1 Cinder_Heart1 May 24, 2017
                              State: Munster, Ireland
                              Best Friends: Olivia, Kaitlyn 
                              Boyfriend: Caden
Mystic_Phox Mystic_Phox Jul 09, 2017
Name: Mouse
                              State: Athlone Ireland
                              Best Friends: Parker, Logan
                              Boyfriend: Noah
Marion_Cipher Marion_Cipher Aug 22, 2016
Hey, my life sucks mainly cause I'm in a wheel chair for the next few months, but that doesn't mean u should be bullied so I say we become trump and say "LET'S TRAP ALL THE BULLIES IN A WALL !!"
Mount_Everest16 Mount_Everest16 Aug 30, 2016
When i saw the title i was like "FINALLY SOMEONE MADE THIS!"
-AdriSenpai- -AdriSenpai- Sep 12, 2016
Well... Boyfriend name...
                              *uses crushes name from 5th grade*
Declan_Sanders Declan_Sanders Oct 08, 2016
So since the story hasn't even started i guess there no forth wall to break. *walks away before everyone yell the fourth wall broke*