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Deadlies 🔎

Deadlies 🔎

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sailor v ᵎ 🌙 By salonikavale Updated 3 days ago

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. 
          And if you stay awhile, you might espy 
                                         a king of queens, fast asleep. 

Fell words and foul deeds abound in the hamlet of Gladtidings. Memories are long and feuds are bitter. The great hourglass of time tick-tocks away, blurring life at the edges. To sixteen-year-old Ginnifer Warren, Gladtidings and its citizens are a stark contrast to the merry life she once lived. Uprooted and planted into the lush backdrop of Gladtidings, she does her best to slink into shadows and avoid the blistering attention of the town's sunniest rays - Henry Foster and Katherine Autry.

All in Gladtidings isn't glad, however. There's a name on everyone's lips, and its mate is a word that no one dares utter. Everyone seems in the know - and by that, it means they know nothing at all. The high school is a forgotten pile of charred wood and brick and two of its students have gone missing. As Ginny gets closer to solving the mystery of what happened to them, she meets new friends, old foes, and a destiny that she never wanted.

In a race against time, Ginny fights to recover what was stolen from Gladtidings - truth. Her path leads her through winding woods and perilous plots, those who would do her harm always on her heels. But the truth will come at a terrible price, one which Ginny may not want to pay.

[please note that the story is written in scenes rather than chapters, and is told from an omniscient POV.] + [this story is teen fiction, but NOT high school drama]

I'm already in love with this book and this coming from a girl who only reads about One Direction
I have this inkling that she's one of the missing girls from their high school
touch-of-grey touch-of-grey 7 days ago
The summary is what brought me in. You really know how to capture attention!
The description of the book really reminded me of the book "Lovely, Dark And Deep"....
KatiaVolk KatiaVolk Jul 02
Не знала что есть иностранные истории 0_о
s_tanoi360 s_tanoi360 Jul 05
I'm so confused, anyone care to explain?? Perhaps @InterestingMythology