Submissives.    ||Vkook, Yoonminseok, Namjin||

Submissives. ||Vkook, Yoonminseok, Namjin||

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Submissive to their dominants. 

Let's just see what happens when the submissives disobey their doms.

Bts ot7 smutty short story-

[x]lots of kinks

Anime4Life1311 Anime4Life1311 4 days ago
Wtf this is awesome. I wanna be in Bangtan now........ With a camera. To record everything. Without them knowing
Again ...if this is a normal day then someone get a bucket of Holy water for me cause they killin' me
Cottoncandysweet_ Cottoncandysweet_ Oct 28, 2016
*When you thought Jungkook was a bottom cus the cover pic* *cries*
kritthi99 kritthi99 Oct 28, 2016
Rewriting??I have a feeling dat dis is gonna get interesting
Fleecy01 Fleecy01 Oct 26, 2016
Hmm...I can't wait to see how this turns out! I'm honestly really excited now! <3 XD XD <3
The simple fact that this is a normal off day is just got me BOiing already