Undertale: Unchained- Chara x Frisk

Undertale: Unchained- Chara x Frisk

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MerryChariskmas! By PrincessAsriel Updated 5 days ago


Everything Chara is.
Everything Frisk was.


Everything Frisk is.
Everything Chara was.

Fem x Fem

((Hey guys! So, this is a surprise story that I've been planing for a while! This is set where Frisk was abused on the surface, but Chara had a loving family and fell on accident. I know, not cannon. Frisk and Chara are is 16))

Omg 😱
                              I never excepted your writing could be this amazing!
DEPORT THE IMMIGRANTS BUILD A WALL sorry what who said that not me
I love this but this is a fem Chara x fem frisk if so I'm okay with this then