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Cheater x Reader One-shots

Cheater x Reader One-shots

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_AOT_Fanatic_ By _AOT_Fanatic_ Updated Aug 14, 2016

*Your P.O.V.*

"Ngh....!" I groaned as I curled myself up in a ball. Why you may ask? Because I felt my soul tearing itself apart. I knew Sebastian was always seductive with women, but thought of him actually being with one was unheard of. I guess I was too naive and full of myself to think such foolish things. He is a man after all. I felt my tears continue to freely escape my eyes. I felt like a naive young girl with a new toy, thinking it wouldn't be broken, only to end up breaking it months later.

"(Y/n)? Are you ok in there?" Finny asked through the other side. I curled up more, trying not to get him involved with my situation. I know my lord will be displeased with my actions, but right now, my poor heart needs to mend and heal on it's own. The heaviness in my heart feels like it'll never disappear, only to be there just to make sure I remember what happened just a few hours ago.


"Hmm-hmm-hm-hm-hm-hmmm~" I hummed happily as I walked toward the room where Sebastian ...

Renee3456 Renee3456 Dec 31, 2016
No thank you, I'd rather be with my own SENPAI. Although he is in another anime
The-smut-Queen765 The-smut-Queen765 Dec 26, 2016
The story gets better if you play the song soap by Melanie Martinez
I think I know what the S in Sebastian stands for now... slut!!!
I just laughed at my own death wtf is wrong with me 😂😂😂
Ultrajess Ultrajess Dec 31, 2016
I dont watch this anime so i thought "it wont be that bad eh? Sis tells it's good so ill roll with it" few minutes later *googles Ciel Phantomhive* oh my god he's like Karkat but cuter
I'd rather be with Claude~senpai then this bitch who can't keep his non existing dick in his pants