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Undertale AU Truth Or Dare(Inspired by @MJ_PolonXD)

Undertale AU Truth Or Dare(Inspired by @MJ_PolonXD)

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Waffle Biscuit By NerdyGirlGoesGamer Updated Apr 09

I saw another Truth or Dare Undertale AU thingy so I decided to do one myself. Be sure to give me dares in the comments! And I will leave a link to the awesome story that inspired me! I'm only doing the characters I listed in the tags of the listed AU's and yes I am doing my OC from Fiction Is Reality so be sure to read that story before reading this one. Hope you all enjoy this! First link is my inspiration second is Fiction Is Reality.      If someone could leave a link in the comments to a good multiverse picture that could fit the cover that would be awesome!

FalconTail FalconTail Mar 18
At this point, heartache randomly started playing in my head
Sans stop Sans stop Sans stop Sans stop Sans ples no staph CONTAIN YOUR SHIZNITS!
                              Samara: *hiding in a corner away from every Underlust character*
No problems baby, I'll be in Underlust for you *winks and seductively grins*
FalconTail FalconTail Mar 18
EVIOLITE SHELL SMASH SQUIRTLE (not sure if squirtle can learn smell smash but it has a shell so...)
*long inhale* Papyrus....i will shank thee......................Sans is not a are just jelly cause everyone loves him more
                              And your the most awesomest and life saviour of our life UL mettaton 
                              AL HAIL THE MEME CALLED
                              WOAH TECHNOLOGY