Buffalo [h.s.]

Buffalo [h.s.]

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☹ sid ☹ By jessieboo12 Updated Jun 13, 2015

Is fourteen days enough time to fall in love?

Fae didn't think so.

But when this gawky resort housekeeper stumbles into yet another awkward situation, this one inclusive of the extensively enigmatic and of celebrity status Harry Styles, she isn't certain of anything anymore.

Through first glances, first kisses, and other firsts she'll never forget, quirky Fae learns that fourteen days is enough time to lose something you never thought you'd have. It's enough time for lazy days and enamored nights, for heated touches and frozen feet beneath the covers. It's enough time to etch memories into minds, tears into cheeks, scars into skin. In fact, fourteen days is enough time for anything, as long as you can stretch each fleeting moment to an eternity. 

Over the course of Harry's transient stay, the two discern of and grow to confront serious struggles, and along the way, discover together in a humourous fashion that sometimes accidents were of fate's intention all along.

(this story has been renamed for personal reasons xoxo)

Tillytheboss Tillytheboss Sep 09, 2016
OH MY AFHHHH I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS BOOK FOREVER!! I USED TO LOVE THIS BOOK. It was my old favorite and recently I had been searching for it but COULDNT FIND IT ANYWHERE. Not In my library, or just looking about (must've been the name change) but OML I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS BOOK!
Hai_Gurl_Hai16 Hai_Gurl_Hai16 Nov 21, 2016
Pfft how does someone forget their clothes? *looks down* *eyes widen* Oh dear. *laughs nervously* I'll be back
filmcalledharry filmcalledharry Oct 19, 2016
I tried to double tap this little section to "like " it because I thought I want still on Instagram 😂
abigailzuiga96 abigailzuiga96 Jan 29, 2016
Everybody has told me love was blind
                              Then I saw you face and you blew my mind
Ayeshaaa_ Ayeshaaa_ Oct 28, 2016
I've never read a fanfic that's rlly rlly smutty I feel like i'm missing out