My Secrets. (Septiplier High School Fic)

My Secrets. (Septiplier High School Fic)

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Emoplier... By BlackTieNovels Updated Dec 02

Jack (Sean) Mclaughlin is new at Blackwood high. He used to be such a creative, loud, happy teen until his Mom died a year ago. Now, Jack lives with his abusive foster parents who beat and scream at him constantly.  He has no way out. No way to escape this hell. Sean falls into a deep dark cloud that Is depression. The teen becomes suicidal, and starts cutting. 

One day his abusive care-takers move to LA meaning Jack has to go to a different school. It didn't bother him much, its not like he had friends before the move. It'd be the same. He'd get bullied, cry, get bullied, cut, and get bullied again. It was going to be the worst experience of his life.


A short handsome man with chocolate eyes named Mark jumps into his life and sparks fly! But is Mark the one who will be able to save Jack from his own life? Will he find out things about Sean before its too late? Well, lets get it popping shall we? ;)         (TRIGGER WARNING!)

Alright I got a tissue box and exams over with come at me bro!
Hey , i read some of your work and it's pretty good hope you keep writing good story's like this...Wish you luck on your story writing and just life in general...I LOVE SEPTIPLIER EVERYTHING❤️
Yes I'm still here because it's fabulous!!! And awwwwww *smiles brightly* yep I'm saying sooooo cool somewhere and for the record, you're a cool person too c:
For the first time in forever, Jack actually gets to see the sun. *sings in annas voice from frozen.* dont judge meh