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Taming Agreste

Taming Agreste

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Lonely shipper By foodlover0502 Updated Jul 14

Adrien Agreste the guy every girl wants to be with and the guy every guy wants to be. Adrien could have anyone fall for him and he knows it too. He's the schools biggest playboy and has everyone controlled in the tip of his finger.......well that is until he meets 
Marinette. Can Marinette be the one to tame 
Adrien's wild heart? Or is she going to get her heart broken?

*squeals that wake up my fam and make them mad till I tell them why and they squeal too*! XD
Nalu1603 Nalu1603 7 days ago
Mairnette- Tikki I pick you!!
                              Pokemon got to catch them all!!
Avathenoob Avathenoob May 29
Wifey (aka mari) you gonna suduce (is that how you spell it) him
I thought that said bruh at first 😂 I was wrong........derp face
*gets camera and jumps on couch* I wanna see this *eats pizza*
Adrien: a hot guy wants to ask you out
                              Me: did you just assume what gender I liked
                              Adrien: ( 😳)