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Taming Agreste

Taming Agreste

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Lonely shipper By foodlover0502 Updated Mar 18

Adrien Agreste the guy every girl wants to be with and the guy every guy wants to be. Adrien could have anyone fall for him and he knows it too. He's the schools biggest playboy and has everyone controlled in the tip of his finger.......well that is until he meets 
Marinette. Can Marinette be the one to tame 
Adrien's wild heart? Or is she going to get her heart broken?

Ok I love this little cinnamon roll but at the moment can some one say douchebag alert!!! God I hate guys who act like this in real life!
*Goes up to Adrien* *crosses arms and frowns* *he smirks* *SLAP!*
                              BE A MAN AND TREAT A WOMAN RIGHT! 
Honestly if anyone ever acted like that with me (not that they would) all they would get back is a good strike to jaw
I remember hearing that she has blue hair,  because it was based off the color used in comic books to make black hair. It is that way because the author of the show read a lot of comic books and it was actually originally going to be one. RANDOM FACT😊
leila1i leila1i Feb 18
Hah fuckboy someone put you in your place but I do feel like her and alya switched personalities